Do you struggle to maintain a healthy balance between your personal fitness goals and the rest of your life? It can cause a lot of anxiety, right? We understand.
You and are happiest when feeling healthy and fit. You love how you look and feel when you are in top form, and you are more motivated to work out when you have a goal in mind. You also have high standards for personal relationships, a career, and other aspects of life.

We help you achieve your athletic goals so you can focus on the rest of your life.

Trying to qualify for Kona? Have you felt "stuck" in one spot for awhile? Or just trying to hold yourself accountable to a new goal? You want to make sure you are using your time effectively. 
We take on the burden of scheduling the best training for you given your goals and other commitments. 

Your specific athletic goals can range from beginner to World Championships. SuperFly Coaching builds efficiencies into your athletic life. You can be confident you are maximizing the time you have to train. We put all of the resources you need in one place so you can train, achieve, and get on with the rest of your life.

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Worried Personalized coaching is too expensive?
- We try very hard to not let price be a barrier for anyone who wants to get better and or feel like they are part of a community. We have several coaches who offer a variety of price structures. We do this because we feel a personalized coaching relationship is just that- a RELATIONSHIP. There needs to be understood commitment and guidelines from each side. We believe everything should start with a conversation. If you want help, we will figure out a way to get you the best help for your budget.
Concerned that you are not at a level that warrants a personalized coach?
- Personalized coaching is really for anyone who is looking to optimize their time and achieve maximum results for their potential. If you like skipping the lines, being treated like a VIP, and getting the best answers for your specific issues and training, that's what personalized coaching does. We have a staff of coaches who have "been there and done that" for just about every situation. We have just as much passion and commitment for helping a beginner as an Olympian. We feel it all starts with relatability. We have all been beginners at some point, and some of us have won races, coached Olympians, and finished the World Championships. Our journey is really only relevant because it demonstrates our ability to understand YOUR SITUATION. Let us know where you are at and what you have going on, and we will tell you what we think you need.
Do you think coaches are only for elite athletes?
- Most elite athletes have coaches because they need to get the most of their training. They cannot spend years "trying to figure it out". Coaches are for anyone who needs training to be efficient. Coaches are also critical because they offer objective feedback. This is critical as most people will gravitate to what they like to do. Sometimes having objective outside input and perspective can take years off the training and learning curve.
Will a coach think you less of you because you lack experience, or have made mistakes?
- If you ever meet a coach who tells they never made mistakes themselves, find a different coach. You have to be able to take the good with the bad, realize mistakes and mishaps are part of the journey and be able to laugh at yourself sometimes. By having made mistakes ourselves, we help you avoid the same.
Have you had a coach before and it was not what you expected? Bad experience? Disappointed in results? Didn't feel like a priority?
- We believe coaching is a relationship. Any good relationship starts with honesty. In most cases, disappoint stems from a short coming of expectations. It is critical in your initial athlete interview to be upfront and honest about what you are looking for in your athlete coach relationship. It is also important that the coach is honest about what they are willing to deliver. Our coaches do not do this to simply fund their own racing career. We hire professional coaches. We interview each coach and put them through extensive ongoing training. You are also not limited to just your coach. Our coaches recognize the best thing they can do for their athletes is have access to more free flowing information. We have an entire network of coaches you can lean on to always have the best possible advice. If we do not know the answer, one of us probably knows someone who does.