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If you struggle to achieve optimum race weight, have nutritional issues in your long course races, or just need more energy throughout the day, our nutrition expert has the answers.

There's more to your nutritional health than just counting calories. Everyone's body is different - Tanya figures out how your unique hormones and internal systems react to various nutritional strategies.  

Discover a simple, easy-to-follow plan crafted for maximum effectiveness and guided by the latest scientific research. Listen carefully, follow Tanya's instructions, and you will see results within 30 days. 

See Tanya's Bio Tanya Zucco, Superfly's nutrition specialist. Tanya is a certified Metabolic Efficiency Specialist and an Orthopedic PA with a residency from Johns Hopkins

Tanya is a certified Metabolic Efficiency Specialist and an Orthopedic PA with a residency from John Hopkins.

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Reaching ideal race weight
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Race/training performance
Better daily energy
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