Certified Training Plans

Looking for a single plan with one race in mind? 

Choose from dozens of certified Training Plans!

Pre built Plans for:
Ironman (First time - Kona Qualify)
70.3 (Beginner - Advanced)
Olympic (Beginner - Advanced)
Sprint (Beginner - Advanced)
Marathon (4:00 through 3:00)
Cycling events

The Training Bible book series and our authors are a World authority in training methodology. Now you can put that knowledge to work for you today. We will take all the information and methods in the books and lay out a clear plan to your next race.

Our race plans are created by expert coaches and experienced athletes to get you to the finish line of your race, whether it’s your first or fiftieth.

We offer dozens and a wide selection from first time sprint or marathon to sub 9:30 Ironman.
(Most average $99.99 for 12 weeks)