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What is the Superfly Virtual Squad and How Can It Help Me? 

The Superfly Virtual Squad is designed for those who are looking for that edge in their triathlon training to attain their goals.  If you feel like you are doing the the training yet seeing the same results year after year, you want to train with world class coaches who walk the walk and talk the talk, but don’t have the monthly funds to spend hundreds of dollars on coaching, and you’re determined to step up and attain your goals while making the most of the time you have, then the virtual squad is absolutely essential for you. The Virtual Squad is also your chance to immerse yourself with extraordinary other athletes who will push you, support you, and lift you up like never before and get coaching from world class coaches who have been where you want to go.

The Virtual Squad isn't just group coaching or a training plan... it's a 12-Month Interactive Training Experience mentored by Superfly Coaching Owner and Head Coach Adam Zucco, 9 x Kona Competitor.  Adam Zucco has been coaching for over 20 years and some of his accolades are being coach to over FOURTY 70.3 World Championship and Kona Qualified Athletes and 10 year coach of Olympic Athlete Ben Kanute!  

The promise of the Virtual Squad is simple: to facilitate a BREAKTHROUGH YEAR in your triathlon catapult you past your comfort zone and into a whole new world of possibility and growth as a goal achieving athlete.  And although those breakthroughs can happen in an instant, lasting change takes time.  

A few highlights of what members of the Virtual Squad get access to...

  • - Daily Support & Accountability inside our Intimate Facebook Group by Adam Zucco and our staff coaches all personally also elite high level coaches and athletes personally mentored and trained by Adam Zucco (WORTH $200 PER MONTH)
  • - Bi - Monthly LIVE Coaching Calls & Hot Seats (WORTH $200 PER MONTH)
  • - 2 x In Person Live Events and Training Camps (WORTH $1000)
  • - Nutrition Coaching and support (WORTH $200 PER MONTH)
  • - Your Training Schedule and Workouts: tried and tested workouts, plans, and systems (WORTH $3600 PLUS PER YEAR)
  • - Exclusive Sponsor discounts 
  • - Early Entry into certain Ironman and 70.3 races (...PRICELESS!)
  • - Monthly mini-classes to help you grow into your potential as an athlete (WORTH $100 PER MONTH)
  • - Guest Webinars and Q and A with special guests in the triathlon world 
  • - Discounted coach phone consultations

  • BONUSES for paid in full members:

    • -Start up and mid year 1 hour strategy session ZOOM call with one of our resident coaches (WORTH $300)
    • - Swim analysis twice per year (WORTH $300)

All strategically designed to effectively support you for a BREAKTHROUGH YEAR in 2020!

The Virtual Squad is Application-Only and Spots Are Limited!

A huge part of the magic of the Virtual Squad is the members and we are truly honored and humbled to have attracted a group of such extraordinary athletes who help push SuperFly to a whole new level.

Who is a Right Fit for the Virtual Squad?

The Virtual Squad is not right for everyone.  Here are a few qualifications and characteristics to help determine if you may be a right fit...

The Virtual Squad is RIGHT for those who are:

  • - Athletes who have big determination and drive to be their best and become a well rounded athlete
  • - Athletes who have other aspects of their life, family, work and are dedicated making the most out of the time that they have
  • - Willing to be examples and leaders in professionalism, kindness, and sportsmanship when training and racing
  • - Willing to be open, coachable and vulnerable
  • - Willing to be open and sharing with the rest of the squad to help each other learn from experiences


$99 PER MONTH ($299 Quarterly)

OR $1095 if paid in full upon enrollment.
We will waste no time and will be getting started December 1st!
Application and Enrollment into the 2020 Superfly Virtual Squad IS OPENING SOON!